Dumaguete City

The city where gentle people can be found. A famous tourist destination for travelers all around the world. Local tourist love to visit this place due to its tourist destinations, known university, and solemnity of the place.


In 1572 Diego Lopez Povedano called this place as “Dananguet”. In 1734, Murillo Valerde change to Dumaguete and it is used until this present time. Dumaguete is a word that comes from “Daggit” means “to snatch”, this town is known by many visitors particularly with the Muslim pirates. This is where the word “dumaguet” came from which means “to swoop”.

Geography and Location

The land area of this city is about 33.62km with a population number of 122,000. They have 30 barangays and each of them has their unique products and services they offer.

Dumaguete City is located in southern part the Island of Negros, Philippines. South of Cebu Island is accessible from this city.